7 themes and phrases which you should never discuss with ED patient.

7 themes and phrases which you should never discuss with ED patient.Such disease like ED brings a lot of problems in the life of those people who suffer from it. One important part of problems belongs to the mental area and social attitude. The thing is that ED is still a kind of stigma which means a lot of wrong things. The thing is that people still can’t understand the real problem and the fact that this disease can be successfully healed. A lot of wild-guesses are concentrated around the point of view that ED means that man can’t be active in sex. As you know, we live with the associations. The man who can’t satisfy his partner can’t be compared with someone who can. It is natural kind of things. It could be compared with the instincts – someone who has more power means the winner. Even in modern society quite right like it was many centuries ago we always need a leader. It should be someone with the power and without flaws. Unfortunately, problems of the erection mean weakness. As the result, such man can’t get respect like it was possible without this problem. It sounds wild, but it is the truth that even after many years of progress society still can’t erase wild things. Most of them are irrational, but they are still alive. Anyway, ED is a disease which can be healed. It means that this problem can be erased, but at the same time we shouldn’t forget that before man will get the success, he should go through a long period of treatment. During this period it is pretty important to be polite and support him. Today we are going to present you 7 phrases and themes which bring the real stress and they shouldn’t be pronounced aloud when someone with ED situates close to you.

7 phrases and themes which someone with ED shouldn’t ever hear

1 – You are impotent.
First of all, that is not the truth. Someone with ED just has decreased sex function. It doesn’t mean that he will never have sex. It is just harsh and not a simple period in his life. Someone with ED should believe that his treatment will be effective. The thing is that patient who believes in success always have better result – it is statistics. We shouldn’t forget about placebo effect – it works.

2 – Questions about erections and its regularity.
That is something from the private life. No one should ask about that. Especially in a period when this person situates in such uncomfortable position. By the way, the situation with erection can be changed. Sometimes treatment brings amazing results and patient after that can show the better result than it was before.

3 – Recommendations about doctors.
First of all, that is not someone else’s business. People around should understand that every mention about ED is too painful. This man probably already found his own doctor and his treatment was already activated. It only means that people around should keep their recommendations without saying them aloud.

4 – Guesses about his partner (problems of excitation).
Some not polite people are trying to find the real reason of someone’s ED and one of their wild guesses always concerns partner. Their hypotheses are always having the connection with the partner’s appearance and possible excitation. It is not easy to hear something like that about your partner. Anyway, that is not polite and even in case if partner obviously not beautiful and attractive, don’t forget about inside beauty.

5 – Conversations about life without sex.
Someone with ED should remember his target. Such conversations just bring fear and disappointment. Sex is one of the most important joys in our life and even though about possibility to lose that brings real fear.

6 – Guesses that it happened because of the masturbation.
People should learn that masturbation can’t have any connection with ED. It is nothing more than just wild-guesses.

7 – Sharing with own experience about pills.
The thing is that experience is a good chance to bring support, but people shouldn’t recommend their own pills. ED and its circumstances always depend on the health’s features. It means that drug which showed the amazing result in one case could be not effective in another one.

Correct support

In case if you want to bring real support, just keep your behavior like it was before the disease. Of course in case if both of you loved jokes about sex, it would be important to ignore them. Just make this person feel that nothing has been changed.

What is this person started ED discussion

In case if this person started the discussion about his disease, you should remember that he probably expect support. Bring some positive in this conversation and try to show your real support.

So, as you can see, ED brings additional features in the process of conversation. It is important to filter your speech and concentrate it on possible support.