Environmental Problems and Their Influence on Men’s Sexual Health

Men’s reproductive health depends on numerous variables. Most often we hear about the importance of regular physical training or healthy nutrition habits. However there are some other factors that are mentioned quite rarely, but their influence on health is rather serious. One of such factors is ecological situation around us.

What are the main men’s health problems?

The most frequently occurred men’s sexual disorder is erectile dysfunction. The number of men experiencing potency problem has grown over the recent years. This is evidenced by a growing popularity of such drugs as Viagra and Cialis online pharmacy. The next problem – infertility – has long been considered a purely female problem. But today numerous researches have proved that inability of a couple to have children often is a man’s “guilt”. Finally, the third vulnerable men’s organ is prostate. Prostatitis strikes almost 50 percent of men worldwide, and the risk of the prostate gland is growing from year to year. Not everyone knows though that all these problems are often associated with unfavourable environmental conditions.

How does ecology influence health?

Have you ever thought, what amount of harmful and toxic components is contained in the food we eat every day and the water we drink? Most people prefer just to close their eyes on these facts. But the truth is that we ruin our own health by ignoring the scientists’ warnings.

Because of pollution of the Ocean, many sorts of fish and seafood contain heavy metals and other toxic substances including mercury. Commonly, when we buy frozen seafood in a supermarket, we don’t know where it was taken from. And cooking it in Teflon cookware, we increase the risk of prostate cancer, because these non-stick surfaces contain lead.

The next threat comes from agricultural products including vegetables, cereals, meat and dairy products. For example, some pesticides that are used in agriculture for the farm pest control cause prostate diseases as well, and polychlorinated biphenyls contained in meat and milk influence the quality of sperm.

Many personal care goods, such as shaving foam, contain chemically produced toxic ingredients and heavy metals including lead, which increase a risk of oncologic diseases. We don’t even mention the quality of water. In big cities, water that is supplied to homes contains the entire periodic table. Drinking of such water is really dangerous for health.

And of course, the polluted air of megalopolises can’t but influences all the organs and systems of our body. Lack of fresh air has a negative effect on cardiovascular system, which, in turn, often causes problems in the sexual sphere. The quality of erection largely depends on the quality of blood circulation.

To sum it up, men’s sexual health depends not only on genetics and lifestyle but on the ecological environment as well. To avoid extra problems, try at least to drink filtered water and buy high-quality organic food products.