Men’s Sexual Crisis and “Male Menopause”: What’s It and How to Deal with It?

Not women alone suffer from insomnia, apathy, and anxiety after the age of forty. Men can face similar symptoms and for a similar reason – changing of the endocrine profile. The testosterone level in men’s organism is gradually decreasing after the age of 30. Lack of testosterone influence not only physical health but mental as well. Low spirits, stresses, depressions, unwarranted outbursts of aggression and pessimism. As for personal and intimate life, many men prefer to forget about it in this period of life. However, in some men these symptoms successfully pass by in 3-4 years, while others suffer from serious consequences.

What happens?

The so-called men’s menopause is not just a low mood or periods of psychological instability. During this period of life, a man’s organism undergoes significant changes. Abilities of intellectual and critical thinking are gradually decreasing. Physical durability is getting lower, a man becomes weaker physically. Sexual function undergoes serious changes that touch fertility, erectile function, and libido. Many men at this age apply for a doctor for the first time for the early treatment of impotence. At the same time, men often become touchy, offensive and irritable, even hypochondriac.

What does it start with?

Men’s sexual crisis is frequently confused with prostate adenoma. It starts with frequent uresiesthesia and then gradually develops into a complete loss of interest to sexual life and family issues. “Male menopause” can’t be prevented or avoided, but reducing of testosterone level can be postponed and made less sudden.

Types of men’s menopause

Doctors usually distinguish physiological and pathological crisis. Physiological menopause flows gradually and slowly, along with overall ageing. It can even pass by unnoticed. All the functions are gradually reducing, but it is absolutely normal and doesn’t cause serious problems. Natural physiological menopause occurs in 60-70 percent of men. Other 30-40 percent suffer from pathological menopause, which develops quickly and suddenly. Functions of the body can change unevenly. For example, sexual function can suddenly disappear. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction and is quite successfully treated with modern drugs like canada pharmacy Cialis.

Symptoms of such pathological menopause can include intermissions in the functioning of autonomic nervous system, fever, jumps in the blood pressure, hypertension or hypotension, gynecoid obesity, cardiac syndrome and others. Sexual function can undergo cardinal unpredictable changes – from complete loss of sexual power to strange sex fantasies and increased sex drive.

How to deal with it?

If you experience symptoms of pathological menopause, the best way to deal with it is to visit an andrologist. He is a doctor specializing in men’s health issues of any type – from stress symptoms in men to erectile dysfunction. Self-medication is not recommended, because without professional support it is easy to make more damage to health.