Men’s Sexual Health. Early Treatment of Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

According to the statistics, one in three men at the age of over forty experience problems with erection. But only 16 percent of them apply for health specialists. For many years men’s failures in bed had been described as impotence. However, this is not correct. Impotence is a condition, when a man in any circumstances is not able to execute a sexual act. Fortunately, this condition is very rare. And accidently or regularly occurred problems with erection are known to the modern medical science as erectile dysfunction.

It is important to mention that in most cases erectile dysfunction is the result of several causes. In 80 percent it is a complication of another disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, endocrine disorders and so on. These reasons are often followed and supplemented by psychological problems, such as stresses. Early preventive examination and treatment of patients with these diseases can prevent or postpone of erectile dysfunction development. That is why defining of the specific reason of ED should be conducted by several specialists


Erectile dysfunction is very often caused by hypertension or coronary heart disease, when blood vessels are affected by atherosclerosis. 73% of men who had heart attacks have symptoms of ED. Vessel construction deteriorates blood circulation in the entire body, including pelvic organs. So, men with the first symptoms of ED are recommended to undergo comprehensive cardiologic examination.


A frequent concomitant condition of erectile dysfunction is diabetes. Men suffering from this disease have erectile problems in 40 percent of cases. Moreover, at an early stage of diabetes development, ED can be the only its symptom. Also, men experiencing problems with potency or/and libido should check testosterone level.


One shouldn’t exclude such urologic diseases as defects of genitals development, disorders of the prostatic gland and the bladder, chronic kidney disease and others. The recommendations include ultrasound investigation of inner organs and blood tests. The treatment is prescribed by a specialist.


The unsuccessful experience of sexual relations combined with depression can become a reason of potency problems. A sexologist helps to find out whether the real cause of erectile dysfunction is hidden in the emotional sphere or has an organic nature.

The main thing to remember is that timely diagnostics and treatment can help to avoid a lot of serious complications. For example, an early protracted treatment of ED with Cialis lets to cure it completely. Here are some general tips:

• No one is impervious to sexual failures. Don’t take it too close, just have a rest, calm down and try once again.
• If you don’t have erection at night or in the morning, consult a good specialist – urologist or andrologist.
• If you are stressed with regular problems with potency during a sexual intercourse, you need a help of a sexologist.
• To minimize the risk of ED development, try to lead a healthy lifestyle, abandon bad habits and have regular sexual relations with a permanent partner.