Sex abstinence: bad potency status and its influence on male health.

Sex abstinence: bad potency status and its influence on male health.The sex abstinence theme always brings a lot of discussions because it has the connection with religion and many other aspects of our life. Today we are going to discuss this theme from the medical point of view because it has proofs. Our target is to find the verity – is it the truth that it brings real damage to the health or it is a normal condition when everything stays without changes. It is important to know because we should prevent possible damage to potency status.

Official medicine and its point of view

At first, it is important to say that official medicine thinks that regular sexual relationships bring health. It concerns men in different ages. By the way, it has a strong point of view that regular sex is the basis of men’s health and without that, it is impossible to create support from diseases on different levels.

Some words about prostatitis

Regular sex life is recommended by urologists as the main condition of chronic diseases healing. But there we should mention that we talking about all forms of the disease except virus one. It is important to have sex during the whole healing period because it is a good chance to bring additional support. As you know, sex brings fast blood flow and as the result, the body is getting healthy nutrition. The regular prostate work is going to be the base of its healthy status supporting. It is very important for middle and old age men.

It is important to say some words about hormones. Long abstinence (some years) can lead to the impossibility of sex. This effect appears as the result of erectile function turning off. All parts of the system were atrophied and as the result, there is no more chance to restart it without side help.

Some tests showed that the normal abstinence is 7 days.Sex abstinence: bad potency status and its influence on male health. After this period testosterone’s level is going to be decreased and it is normal. It means that week – is the deadline of abstinence in case if you don’t want to use the pusher.

Why do you should use meds as the support

In case if you understood that there are already no previous sex life but you want to turn time back, there is no another treatment which can bring the same result, then Viagra vs Cialis. Both of them are legends and their support is well-known all over the world. They bring new life to sexual relationships and that’s why their use is important.

In case if you had long abstinence and you can’t provide act without support, you should follow the instruction:

  • You should use Cialis for sale offer or another one and learn everything about its features. Without learning of the instruction it would be not easy to provide healthy act.
  • Don’t forget that without your imagination it can’t work. It means that you should get excitation. Just use the habitual methods which bring it to you. In case if you can’t bring excitation and there is no any desire, it is a time to visit the psychologist. It is mental problems and generic Cialis online can’t solve them.
  • Use after long abstinence will bring special feelings. It will be a kind of opening champagne effect because without practice “mechanisms” were locked and now they need a kind of good lubricant wave to clean of all dirty. In case if you worried about results and you are afraid of classic dose because abstinence was really long, it is possible to use free Cialis coupon and get the smallest one dose. Sometimes it is enough to remind normal sexual life and forget about abstinence and accompanied its problems.

Benefits of new life without abstinence

Sex is life and without that, your health is going to get ruin. When the lock of sex already falls down, it comes a time to take all possible pleasure from it. Hormones are getting better and every function of the “clocks” got own heal.

So, as you can see, abstinence could be the real danger and it brings diseases to your health. Even in case of religion, you should remember that your health is the most important treasure in your life and it would be silly to lose the amazing moments of pleasure which it can give to you.