Stress Symptoms and Quick Stress Relieving: Recommendations for Men

Men’s reactions to stress differ from women’s reactions. This is associated with physiology and peculiarities of the emotional-volitional sphere. Also, men recover from stress or fright differently. But how to behave in a stressful situation? For working out recommendations let’s try to understand the peculiarities of stress influence on men.

Symptoms of stress in men

Most men don’t like to share their problems. Also, they prefer not to pay due attention to the influence of stressful circumstances on their health. Meanwhile, symptoms of long-lasting influence of stress affect life quality. The main symptoms of men’s stress include:

• Low energy. Permanent anxiety wears out body and mind. As a result, a man lacks energy for full-fledged fruitful activity. He quickly gets tired with both mental and physical work, and can’t restore a normal pace of life. However, people usually don’t associate low energy with stress, thinking that it is just ageing or unfavourable environment, or weather.
• Insomnia, sleep disorders. Long-running tension can cause either drowsiness or insomnia. A man gets anxious before going to bed. Many men replace night sleep with computer games or meaningless chatting. However, this is an inefficient method of stress relieving, because the initial cause is not eliminated.
• Sexual disorders. Stress, which is closely associated with anxiety, is one of the most frequent reasons of so-called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Also, men experiencing stress often report on reduced libido. If ED can be rather effectively treated with online pharmacy Cialis or other modern impotence drugs, then low sex drive is usually caused by reducing of testosterone level and requires more serious treatment.
• Behavioural symptoms. A man gets irritable, touchy, becomes obsessed with fears and anxiety. Many men become aggressive, refuse from communication with their friends.
• Reducing of self-esteem and feeling of inferiority. Such symptoms can be caused by failures at work, long-lasting unemployment, breaking up with a beloved partner and many other situations. Any stressful situations that touch upon male self-respect and self-sufficiency reduce self-estimation.

The consequences of a lingering stress include muscle spasms, gastric ulcer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and others.

Ways of stress relieving

There are some safe methods of stress relieving. Specialists give the following recommendations:

• Switching to another activity. Psychological tension will be relieved, if you switch from mental activity to physical. Any outburst of negative emotions through physical loads helps to restore emotional balance.
• Hobby. According to researchers, men having hobbies or an ability of doing what they like are less vulnerable to stresses. It doesn’t matter whether it is carving, dogs or gardening, but it should bring content.
• Acute stress symptoms should be treated by specialists. A doctor will conduct a psychotherapy, drug therapy and will provide a necessary support.