Stresses and Their Influence on Sexual Health. Treatment and Main Mistakes

Stressful situations can influence the quality of sexual life. Some decades ago health specialists used to say that weak potency occurred in men after the age of forty. But today stresses has become an integral part of many representatives of the stronger sex. It results in erectile dysfunction in thirty-year-old men and even younger. Moreover, stress often causes an endless circle. Nerve strain reduces potency; a man gets a new portion of stress, his testosterone level decreases, which, again, has a negative effect on sexual power. As a result, this permanent stress can lead to depression and thoughts of impotence and deficiency.

How are the majority of men trying to resolve this issue? Some of them give up the efforts of good potency restoration, while others start taking erection regulators, such as Cialis canadian pharmacy. Drugs of this kind really help to ease the symptoms, and sometimes even to come back to a normal sexual life. They are modern and effective, but they do not eliminate the initial reason of the problem.

Ways of treatment

The best way to cure sexual problems caused by stresses is to find out the reason and eliminate or resolve it. Let’s see the most common possible scenarios:

• Sexual problems can be hidden in relations with a partner. Quarrels, personal stresses, arguments and offences don’t help to resolve the issue. Sometimes, a simple heart-to-heart talk or new love causes the inflow of sexual energy.
• A burden of unresolved issues at work reduces both potency and testosterone level (they are interrelated). Some men bring psychological tension to their homes. As a result, in bed, they think over and over about their problems and possible solutions instead of getting pleasure. It influences their sexual capabilities. It’s necessary to master the ways of stress relieving, for example, breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and so on.
• Psychogenic impotence caused by stress is treated by a good rest, physical exercises, strengthening of mind and body, rational day regimen. Besides, testosterone level as well as potency increase, when the source of anxiety is determined, analyzed and eliminated.

Main men’s mistakes in stress treatment

Unlike women, men tend to accumulate stress, which results in health problems. To remove stress, many stronger sex representatives make certain mistakes, which cause the worsening of the condition. The main mistakes are the following ones:

• Trying to remove stress by regular alcohol use. Though at the initial stage alcohol helps to relax, after a certain period of taking it can result in addiction. Moreover, the overall influence of alcohol on potency is negative.
• Stonewalling or no desire to discuss the problems. Unlike women, men don’t like to share their difficulties. Meanwhile, psychologists recommend to talk about problems, because it helps to relieve tension.
• Ignoring stress symptoms. The timely revealing of the problem and its treatment will help to resolve it much earlier and with fewer efforts.